Its easy to say in the good moments of like that if I had it to all over over again, I would change a thing. However, I will never say that again, because if I had it to do all over again... I would have started this a hell of a lot sooner and that would have changed everything! I took a big risk quitting my guaranteed income job to market online from home full time. It's scary not knowing when your next commission is going to come, but the risk was worth it! They say it only takes the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains. Well for me that faith came on October 11th 2012 when I bagged my first commission. It was a moment of enlightenment for me as the light bulb flashed bright in my head telling me that this was possible. I quit my job the next day and haven't looked back and won't look back. 

Let me tell you... it's worth it. The free time with my family that I never had working 7 days a week in the factory... it's worth. The more frequently growing daily deposits to my bank account... it's worth it. The opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis in a way I never dreamed possible... it's worth it. The new found confidence and self-worth I have that shines everywhere I go... its worth. 

What ever your fear is of whatever risk you feel is involved... let me tell you... IT'S WORTH IT. Do cheat yourself out of happiness with fear of the unknown. Don't just stand with me... stand NEXT to me and lets do this thing together!

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    Craig. S

    "If I can do this! Anyone can do this! I'm no genius or gifted person by any means. Just an average Joe with the will to succeed. The best part about the Empower Network is that I get to celebrate your success! So please, check out the videos below from other real people just like you and me and make the choice to change your life today!"


    December 2012